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Cut offs when sharing files in the cloud? Fix them with these tips

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Cut offs when sharing files in the cloud? Fix them with these tips

Problems related to our connection or VPN

At certain times, on occasion, when uploading a file to the cloud or sharing it with other people, the upload may be cut off.

These cuts when sharing files can be very annoying and sometimes they have to do with our Internet connection. One of the most typical is that we are connected by Wi-Fi and we do not have good coverage because we are far from the router. In those cases, a solution can be to connect to the 2.4 GHz band, it is more stable but also slower. Another option could be to approach the router if it is a device that can be moved and to make it faster by using the 5 GHz band. Here, you have other options that you can look at to solve problems with the Internet connection.

If we have cuts when sharing files in the cloud, one thing that could indicate that we have problems is by doing a speed test. This would be an example:

In the event that we find ourselves with very low speeds, the test does not finish or we have a very high ping, it may be a sign that we have problems with our Internet connection.

Another failure that could also cause cuts when sharing files in the cloud would be the use of a slow VPN. It could also be checked with a speed test to verify it. If possible, unless for security reasons they advise against it, the VPN could be disabled to upload that file in the cloud.

The browser as the cause of the failure

On many occasions to upload the files to the cloud, we use our Internet browser, and sometimes it can generate errors. These cuts when sharing files can happen regardless of whether we use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Edge. One of the things we could try would be to clear our browser's cache and cookies

We could also try to use the incognito mode of our browser. In addition, to avoid cuts when sharing files in the cloud, our browser must have the latest version available installed.

Security tools and applications as the source of the problem

Another thing to be aware of, when there are cuts when sharing files on the cloud, is the antivirus and any other security software that we have installed on our computers. Sometimes they consider that those files that we are uploading to the cloud, for example, from Google Drive, are a threat to our computer. Thus, on many occasions, these are false positives that do not constitute a risk for us. 

We also sometimes use our own applications or programs that have the main cloud service providers such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive. In these cases, if we use one of these applications in the cloud and we have cuts when sharing files, we can try:

  1. To close the session and enter again putting our credentials.
  2. We can try to reinstall or update this application.

In summary, outages when sharing files to the cloud are mainly caused by failures in our Internet connection or in the software we have installed.