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About Internet Speed Test

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About Internet Speed Test

One of the most important things you need today is fast internet. Consequentially, buyers tend to go for Internet rates with bandwidths of 50 Mbit/s. Unfortunately, soon after they find out that the actual Internet connection speed is most of the times much slower than the provider specified. But now, with a SpeedNetz speed test, every user can effortlessly check their Internet connection speed.


This is how the internet speed test works

The internet speed test can be done with just a click from the computer whose Internet connection speed you wish to test. Before clicking on "Start speed test" you just have to put in the specified speed (16, 50 or 100 Mbit/s) which you can find in your DSL contract and you’re ready to go.

These are the values which are checked during your DSL speed test:

  • Download speed: This represents the most important value of an Internet connection. Download speed or bandwidth of an Internet connection tells us at which speed is data being downloaded from the Internet and stored in your computer. The higher the number of megabits or gigabits the better.
  • Upload speed: This is also an important value for having a fast Internet connection. Upload speeds showcases how fast is data uploaded from your computer to the Internet, e.g. uploading content to the cloud. It is specified in megabits or gigabits same as the download speed.
  • Ping value: Ping measures the response speed of the connection, i.e. how long does one data packet needs to travel between the sender and recipient. It may sound odd, but the lower your ping the better is your connection. On the DSL speed test it is showcased in milliseconds. This value is most important to gamers or for video chatting.

Precise results speed test tips

The Internet connection speed can be influenced by various elements. The negative impact can be brought upon by having different apps like e-mail or security programs (firewall, anti-virus program) running while executing the test.

The thing that also influences your measurement results are the hardware equipment used such as modem or WLAN router, and even the configuration of your computer plays a part. If you want the most accurate results, what you need to do before starting the speed test is connect your computer directly to the modem or WLAN router using a LAN cable.

The bad thing about a WIFI connection through WLAN, next to the performance of the device you’re using, is that the walls that are between the computer and WLAN router cause loss of speed. This is something you should consider when installing WLAN at home.

And lastly, even the time frame at which you test your Internet connection speed makes a difference. If you try carrying out the test in the evening, it is most likely that you won’t like the measurement results. That it is because most of the people go online during the evening which causes a heavy network load. So, the best thing to do is to carry out the test at different times during the day which will then result in having the most representative result possible.


By: SpeedNetz