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When should you use a VPN

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When should you use a VPN

When is it good to use a VPN

We can think of a VPN as an interesting tool that we can use on certain occasions. Its main use is to encrypt the connection. It basically means that everything we send or receive goes through a kind of encrypted tunnel. It is very useful to prevent them from reading what we send, for example.

But this also means that it will hide the real IP address. This will make the pages we visit or the programs we use not really know where we are. In the event of geo-blocking, we can avoid it with these types of services.

When using public Wi-Fi

Undoubtedly one of the main reasons to use a VPN is when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. This is where we are going to have certain security risks since it could have been created with the sole objective of stealing data and passwords.

What a VPN is going to do is encrypt the connection. If, for example, we log in to a page, a possible intruder on that network will not be able to read the information and will not be able to know what the password is or what we are sending. In this way, we can protect privacy.

Browse from another country

Of course, we must also use a VPN if we are browsing from another country. It is very likely that we need to enter a foreign website to read news, platforms such as Netflix to watch series and movies, etc. All of this could be blocked in certain territories.

This type of program will also falsify the real location and we will be able to navigate as if we were in the USA, although in reality, we are in any other country in the world. It is one of the utilities of this type of tool.

Access content from another nation

The opposite case may occur. We may want to enter a web page or view content from another country, from the USA. For example, a television station that only broadcasts in a certain place.

What a VPN does is allow us to enter that content as if we were physically in another place. We can achieve this since we connect through servers that are in that country. For example, we can search as if we were in another place.

Hide the IP address

It may also happen that at a given moment we are interested in hiding the real IP address. We do not want them to know where we are, who our operator is, etc. When browsing the Internet, this is one of the data that we can filter.

Therefore, what a VPN will do is hide the real IP and we will navigate through the address provided by the service itself. It is one more alternative that this type of program offers us.