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Could your Amazon account be easily hacked?

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Could your Amazon account be easily hacked?

Why your Amazon account may be in danger

The Amazon account is not very different from any other, social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, an email account, or any other service that we use. Ultimately, vulnerabilities can appear, we can be victims of different types of attacks and, ultimately, passwords can be stolen.

Therefore, it is convenient to know what is the most common thing that can happen for the Amazon account to be stolen. Only then can we take action and stay ahead of cybercriminals to be fully protected.

Simple password guessing

The first reason why our Amazon account could be stolen is simply to find out what the password is through guessing or through password dictionaries. What does the latter mean? It basically consists of testing the keys that are most frequent, the ones most used by users.

Although it seems strange, still the most used passwords are still of the type of 123456 and the like. Also simple combinations of names, dates of birth, etc. This leaves in a tray that an attacker, no matter how little data he has about us, can enter the account. A good idea to avoid this is to use a good password manager.

Phishing attack

The possibility of a Phishing attack must also be taken into account. In fact, it is perhaps the most used strategy to steal any password, beyond simple guessing. You receive an e-mail or SMS in which they send a link to log in to Amazon. For example, they cast a bait saying that there is a problem with a supposed order.

The problem is that we are dealing with something totally false and that it has nothing to do with this online service. We are accessing a page that pretends to be Amazon, but when we put the data, it ends up in the attacker's hands and our password is stolen.

Malware on the system

Another possibility is that our system is infected by some type of malware. Generally, it will be a keylogger, which is malicious software that records everything we write. This allows an attacker to receive things like the Amazon username and access password.

The computer may also be infected by a Trojan that also allows a cybercriminal to access information such as browsing history, for example. We must always protect the computer security of any equipment we use.

Using fake apps or plugins

It is not something exclusive to Amazon, but sometimes we can find certain add-ons and applications that offer some interesting improvements or functions, but are actually a security hazard and expose our account.

It is true that it does not necessarily have to be a plugin or application that is created maliciously. Keep in mind that we could be using an outdated program, which has a security flaw, and that is the entry point for an attacker.

In short, as we have seen, it is possible that our Amazon account is attacked. The most important thing is to avoid risks. We must always create passwords that are secure, use official applications, and maintain security on our computers.