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Meet the first WiFi Mesh system with 5G coverage

Image Credits: Netgear

Meet the first WiFi Mesh system with 5G coverage

Netgear Orbi NBK752, first Mesh system with 5G

The fact of having more and more devices connected to Wi-Fi makes it essential to have good equipment to help improve coverage. In this case, the Orbi NBK752 5G is capable of covering a larger area of ​​our home. It acts like any Mesh system but has the peculiarity of also working through 5G networks. This certainly opens up a range of options.

This tri-band Wi-Fi Mesh system with WiFi 6 will allow users who do not have a good Internet connection to connect at high speed as long as they receive 5G coverage. It is very useful for example for more isolated areas, where the optical fiber does not reach. Even if we have a specific problem with the connection.

Among its characteristics, we can highlight that it has Wi-Fi 6, the latest technology that will allow greater speed and stability, as well as coverage. In fact, the latter, the coverage, is more than enough for most homes, since it covers an area of ​​more than 400 square meters.

The router and satellite allow a large number of devices to be connected at the same time without compromising stability. However, if necessary it is possible to add more satellites and thus expand the available coverage. Keep in mind that there are differences between a Mesh system and repeaters .

Great flexibility over mobile networks

Although the main news is that it is the first Mesh system that has the capacity to connect to 5G, it also has LTE networks for those areas where the maximum mobile technology has not yet arrived and can still have a connection.

Keep in mind that 5G offers speeds 10 times higher than 4G, in addition to having a minimum latency of even 1 ms. It is a more than interesting alternative to fiber optics, especially in areas where installation is more complicated.

This Netgear Orbi NBK752 5G is compatible with most mobile phone operators. We will simply need coverage to be available in our area and we will be able to create a network to connect a large number of different devices at the same time.

The fact of being the first WiFi Mesh system with 5G has its negative point, and that is that at the moment it is quite expensive. The starting price is $ 1,099.99, which at the current exchange rate is about 950 euros.

In short, we are facing a different Mesh system, with the peculiarity of having 5G coverage. One more option is to have a good Internet connection anywhere simply by having mobile data. It offers wide coverage of more than 400 square meters and has WiFi 6, the latest technology.