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Why are there companies that hire hackers

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Why are there companies that hire hackers

Hackers are another tool for many companies

If we focus on the meaning of the word hacker, we can say that he is a person with great computer knowledge and who is dedicated to detecting possible failures in the software, system, or any device. That already gives us an idea of ​​why a company might be interested in hiring your services.

We must start from the basis that we live in times in which there are many security threats in the network. We are talking about viruses that can affect the functioning of a computer, ransomware that is capable of encrypting files and then asking for a ransom in return, Trojans that give a hacker total control ...

In order to protect ourselves from all this, it is essential to have security barriers. An antivirus, for example, can perfectly help this. But it's not enough. We must also have the systems updated and correct any vulnerabilities that may exist and, in addition, have the basic knowledge to avoid making mistakes.

If we think of a company, the last thing we mention can be a problem. There are not always workers who have knowledge in the proper use of a computer, for example. Sometimes they can make mistakes and put safety at risk.

A hacker will help that company detect possible vulnerabilities and recognize the risks that may appear when using a device or any program. We are especially talking about specific applications that an organization can use in its day-to-day life and that, in the event of a failure, could expose customer and worker data.

The goal is to protect, not attack

Do not confuse the company hiring a hacker, something that exists, with a hacker. In the first case, a company can maliciously seek to attack the competition, obtain private data to gain an advantage, etc. In the second case, the goal is always to protect and never to attack.

The hackers hired by an organization will also be able to help the workers themselves to know how to act in case of being victims of some type of attack. This is very important to have a better understanding of what to do if they receive a suspicious email, a file that may contain malware, or that have even been direct victims of a ransomware attack.

The best thing to prevent computer attacks on many occasions is knowledge. We need to know how to act, how to prevent, and also how a hacker is going to attack. All of this can be taught by a professional hacker hired by that organization.

Therefore, on many occasions, companies hire hackers to improve security. They provide them with knowledge, tools, and methods to be able to stop many types of threats that can put teams and the organization at risk.