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Nvidia RTX 40 Super GPUs: Surprising MSRP Pricing and Available Models

Image Credits: NVIDIA Newsroom

Nvidia RTX 40 Super GPUs: Surprising MSRP Pricing and Available Models

RTX 4070 Super: Leading the Way with Wide Model Availability

Among the GeForce TX 40 Super series, the RTX 4070 Super boasts the most extensive range of models, likely due to its imminent launch on January 17. Currently, Newegg leads with the most models available, listing 14, while Best Buy and B&H Photo have five models each. Notably, B&H Photo's listings are exclusively for RTX 4070 Super GPUs manufactured by Asus.

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Pricing Insights: A Mix of MSRP and Premium Models

While many RTX 4070 Super models lack a price tag, especially on Newegg and B&H Photo, those that are priced provide valuable insights into market expectations. The majority of the GeForce RTX 4070 Supers with listed prices are being offered at $599, aligning with Nvidia's MSRP and the pricing of the Founders Edition model. However, some models, like MSI's triple-fan versions and an overclocked variant of its Ventus 2x dual-fan card, are priced higher, with the top price reaching $650.

Market Trends: Setting Expectations for RTX 4070 Super Pricing

The pricing pattern observed from the available models at Newegg and Best Buy establishes a realistic expectation for the broader market pricing of the RTX 4070 Super. This trend suggests that while most models will adhere to the MSRP, consumers can expect a range of prices, particularly for models with enhanced cooling solutions or overclocked capabilities.

Conclusion: Nvidia's RTX 4070 Super and Its Market Positioning

In summary, Nvidia's RTX 4070 Super series is making a notable entry into the market with a pricing strategy that largely sticks to the MSRP. This approach is significant in the GPU market, where third-party models often see varied pricing. As more models receive their price tags, it will be interesting to see how this trend holds up and how it impacts consumer choice and market dynamics for Nvidia's latest GPU offerings.