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Netgear Nighthawk RS700S: The Ultimate Wireless Router

Image Credits: Netgear

Netgear Nighthawk RS700S: The Ultimate Wireless Router

Key Features and Performance

Exceptional Speed and Throughput

  • Tri-Band Technology: The RS700S offers a combined throughput of 19 Gbps across three bands, ensuring efficient data handling.
  • Impressive Wired and Wireless Speeds: The router supports plans up to 10 Gbps, with wired connections reaching 4.95 Gbps download and 4.76 Gbps upload speeds. Wireless connections maintain high speeds even at a distance, offering 4.81 Gbps and 3.48 Gbps for close-range downloads and uploads, respectively.

Coverage and Connectivity

  • Expansive WiFi Coverage: Designed to cover up to 3,500 Sq Ft, the RS700S is equipped with eight high-performance antennas, providing reliable coverage for large homes and offices.
  • High Device Capacity: With MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology, the router can efficiently manage over 200 devices simultaneously, maintaining stability and performance.

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Advanced Security Features

  • Netgear Armor 2.0 Suite: The router includes a one-year subscription to Netgear's premium Armor 2.0 suite, offering advanced security features to protect the network.
  • Standard Security Protocols: Users benefit from WPA3 encryption, VPN support, guest network options, access control, and automatic firmware updates for ongoing security.

Conclusion: The All-Round 802.11be Router

  • Versatile Performance: The Nighthawk RS700S excels in both speed and functionality, making it a top choice for demanding network environments.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Despite its advanced capabilities, the router remains easy to set up and manage, appealing to both tech-savvy users and beginners.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptionally fast internet speeds suitable for gaming and streaming.
  • Capable of handling a large number of devices without compromising performance.
  • Dual 10 Gig Ethernet ports for high-speed wired connections.
  • Extensive wireless coverage ideal for large spaces.
  • Includes a one-year subscription to Netgear Armor for enhanced security.
  • User-friendly setup process.


  • Premium pricing, positioning it as a high-end option in the router market.

In summary, the Netgear Nighthawk RS700S stands out as a top-tier router, offering unparalleled performance, extensive coverage, and advanced security features. Its capability to handle high-speed internet plans and a large number of devices simultaneously makes it an ideal choice for both home and office environments. While its price is on the higher side, the value it offers in terms of speed, coverage, and security makes it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a high-performance router.