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New antivirus test results have given Microsof Defender excellent ratings

Image Credits: Windows/unsplash

New antivirus test results have given Microsof Defender excellent ratings

If we test its performance of the basic tasks that protect the computer, we will see that according to these functions it does not differ from the competition.

Microsoft Defender runs in the background and uses a basic antivirus algorithm - it scans files to find malware and monitors the behavior of various software to detect suspicious activity. Possible and identified threats are captured and sent to the cloud for special verification, but this option can also be disabled by the user.

Microsoft Defender can also detect dangerous codes in malicious software, protect the system from ransomware, and protect data from theft. We should not forget that Microsoft Defender performs automatic scans of inserted USBs, and whoever wants, can also perform individual scans of files and folders.

The basic functions of Microsoft Defender are obviously at the required level to provide protection to the operating system, but the real reflection of quality is always testing conducted by various institutions.

One of the more reliable tests of antivirus programs, the independent AV-Test, was conducted for the month of October and showed interesting results.

Av-Test is actually the name for various types of testing that rank antivirus programs according to performance, security, and other factors.

The study was related to users of Windows 10 Home editions and tested 21 antivirus programs from different manufacturers, and only some of them were Norton, Kaspersky, and Microsoft.