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Mozilla shut down its password manager app

Image Credits: gustavo_belemmi/pixabay

Mozilla shut down its password manager app

Mozilla decided a few months ago to end support for the FTP protocol, and at the end of the year came the decision that Firefox would no longer have a Firefox Lockwise password manager from December 13.

Obviously, there was not enough interest, so at Mozilla, they decided that there was no point in wasting time and resources in this direction. Of course, this is not explicitly said in this way, but it can be deduced from this decision and the absence of any explanation.

Namely, Firefox Lockwise arrived in 2019 and was intended for iOS and Android users to help create, manage and synchronize passwords throughout various devices.

What was its strength, but also its weakness, was that it could only be used within the Firefox browser. And those who have used it will have to make the transition to one of the supplements within Firefox after December 13. Fortunately, there is no shortage of "third-party" password managers.

Of course, users will not lose access to passwords, but synchronization will be done through Firefox Account, which is why Mozilla emphasizes that it is better to use the password manager if the user wants the full service to which he is accustomed.

If someone spends little time finding the ideal password manager, there are a few they can't go wrong with. In the first place is definitely LastPass and is an ideal solution regardless of which device or operating system you are on. After that, quality solutions are Google, Microsoft Authenticator, Zoho Vault, MYKI, or Bitwarden.

So there is an alternative to Firefox Lockwise, but it's a shame to reach for them. Especially since Mozilla did not offer any concrete or satisfactory answer as to why this possibility is being abolished. It has only just been stated that the desire is to provide users with various ways of navigating the Internet, easily and quickly...