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Memtest86+ V7 Update: Enhancing Memory Testing for Intel and AMD CPUs

Image Credits: Linus Tech Tips

Memtest86+ V7 Update: Enhancing Memory Testing for Intel and AMD CPUs

Revival and Evolution of Memtest86+

Memtest86+ V6 marked a turning point for the tool, as it was completely remade from scratch after a long period without updates since the early 2000s. This overhaul was crucial for bringing the tool up-to-date and has set the stage for more regular updates and optimizations, reestablishing Memtest86+ as a leading tool in memory stability diagnostics.

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Key Features and Updates in Memtest86+ V7

The V7 update of Memtest86+ introduces several important additions and enhancements:

  1. IMC Polling for Live RAM Settings: This feature enables users to monitor live RAM settings directly, providing valuable real-time data during memory testing.

  2. Preliminary Support for ECC Polling: V7 adds preliminary support for ECC (Error Correction Code) polling, particularly beneficial for systems using AMD Ryzen CPUs.

  3. Support for MMIO UART: The update includes support for Memory-Mapped I/O (MMIO) Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART), broadening the tool's compatibility and functionality.

  4. New Debugging Options: Additional debugging options have been integrated into the tool, aiding in more detailed analysis and troubleshooting.

  5. Bug Fixes and Optimizations: Continuous improvements and optimizations ensure that Memtest86+ remains reliable and efficient in diagnosing memory issues.

Memtest86+ Versus PassMark's MemTest86

It's important to distinguish Memtest86+ from PassMark's MemTest86. While both are memory testing tools, Memtest86+ is an open-source project that operates independently of the operating system. It is typically installed on a USB drive, allowing users to boot their system using the tool, similar to how one would install Windows via USB. On the other hand, PassMark's MemTest86, last updated in October 2023, is a commercial product that requires purchase.

Utilizing Memtest86+ for Memory Stability Diagnostics

Memtest86+ has earned a reputation for being a highly trusted and reliable tool for memory stability diagnostics. Its OS-agnostic nature makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of users. Whether dealing with complex memory issues or conducting routine checks, Memtest86+ provides a thorough and user-friendly solution for testing and diagnosing memory-related problems in computer systems.

Conclusion: Memtest86+ V7 Enhances Memory Testing Capabilities

The release of Memtest86+ V7 is a significant development for both professional and amateur tech enthusiasts. With its updated features, enhanced ECC support, and improved debugging options, Memtest86+ continues to be an essential tool for diagnosing and resolving memory stability issues. As the tool evolves with regular updates and optimizations, it reaffirms its position as a vital resource in the tech community's toolkit for maintaining and troubleshooting computer systems.