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Is it possible to be anonymous on the Internet and not appear on Google?

Image Credits: Martin Dimitrov

Is it possible to be anonymous on the Internet and not appear on Google?

What to do so that our data does not appear in Google

We have different options to prevent our personal information from being published on the Internet and appearing on Google for anyone. On the one hand, we are going to see some basic tips of common sense or to be able to configure social networks and prevent content from being displayed, but also how to eliminate something that is already published.

Avoid posting personal information on the network

The most important thing is to avoid posting personal information on the Internet. For example, we talk about public forums, comments on web pages, etc. All that can be indexed in search engines and a third party could reach that information with a simple search.

We must never make our e-mail address public in open forums, neither the telephone number, full name, ID ... In short, anything that we do not want that may become available for anyone to see.

Control social media

Of course, another very important point is to control social networks. For example, our Facebook profiles can be indexed on the Internet and appear in search engines. Anyone could find us by name and see what content we have.

It is possible to prevent the Facebook profile from appearing on Google. We can also configure other social networks such as Twitter or Instagram to be private and not show information to anyone. This point is one of the most important to be anonymous on the Internet. Protecting the security of Instagram or any other platform is also essential.

Ask a website to remove data

What happens if we see that a web page has some personal data, such as our ID, and it appears in Google? Something we can do is simply ask that website to remove certain personal data that we do not want to appear. It could even be pictures or videos.

To do this, the simplest thing is to go to the contact information and send an e-mail or fill in a form that appears. We indicate that certain data appears that we want to eliminate. Although it is not something that they always do, we must take it into account.

Ask Google to remove content

On the other hand, Google also allows you to request the deletion of data. They have a website where they report on the entire process. There they explain to us under what circumstances we can request this procedure and how we can do it.

Google is the main search engine, so this is where our personal data will mostly be visible to a third party. If something does not interest us and we do not want it to appear, we can contact them to remove some content.

In short, these are some of the main options to try to be anonymous on the Internet and that personal data does not appear on Google. Privacy is an important factor that we must protect and this is one of the most interesting ways.