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Speed test

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Speed test

If you want to test your internet speed, please click on the SpeedNetz logo in the top Menu. 


Why are speed tests different?

Well, the results of the tests vary due to many reasons. Your Internet connection speed will be affected by almost everything. From leaving different apps like your e-mail or security programs running in the background, to whether your computer is connected via WIFI or directly to WLAN router with LAN cable, and even the time at which you do the test makes a difference. If you try to do DSL speed test during the week at night when most are sleeping, your results will be better than during the day.

How fast is my Internet?

If you wish to find out your Internet speed at home, we recommend that you do the DSL speed test. Just input the bandwidth of your connection and click “Start speed test”. The test measures different values important for your Internet speed connection such as download and upload speed and ping. In case you are unhappy with the results, you can use the advice we provided in the text above and then try the test once more. What you can also do is order the maximum available bandwidth for your Internet and landline.

Speed test: what is good speed?

If the download and upload speed as well as the ping value show “optimal” then the speed test is good. However, in case that one of these shows to be low or only acceptable, you should try using our advice to get better results. Also, try doing the test at a different time of day and if you are still dissatisfied with the result the best solution would be to contact your provider.

What does ping mean in a speed test?

During the Internet connection speed test, next to the download and upload speed you notice that the ping value is also being measured. This value, ping for short, tells how long does one data packet travel from the sender to the recipient. It is best when the ping has a low value because that means that the data will travel quickly. Ping value is especially important for gamers, live streamers, and video chats.