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How to Troubleshoot Range Issues on an Internet Connection

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How to Troubleshoot Range Issues on an Internet Connection

Consider what happens if you install the router in a place other than the main bedroom. If you wanted to connect a console in that room to the Internet, it would be difficult because you would not have a standard Ethernet-type cable, and the Wi-Fi might not be strong enough to provide a nice experience.

These limitations in the range of Internet connections can be overcome in a variety of methods, and the good news is that in some circumstances, no money is required, while in others, a small investment is sufficient. 

Place the router in a central, high location that is clear of barriers and sources of interference. This will allow you to extend the Wi-Fi signal's range.

If you need to access a series of specific rooms with a wired connection, attempt to locate the router as close to these as feasible, and don't be afraid to utilize little movements like holes in the wall to pass cable without having to travel around.

Rotate the antennae correctly and point them in the direction you want your Wi-Fi signal to travel.

Use less busy channels and increase the channel width to over 20 MHz. It's easy to do and can make a significant impact on wireless connections.

Don't be afraid to use Wi-Fi 4, even if it has slower speeds. It has a longer range than Wi-Fi 5, which can assist you to reach regions where Wi-Fi 5 did not connect.

To increase the range of your Internet connection, you will need to make a financial commitment. You have several options, but the most cost-efficient and effective would undoubtedly be to use a Wi-Fi repeater. Today, there are numerous versions accessible on the market, each with its own price and set of features.

It is critical to remember that the cheapest models are usually confined to the Wi-Fi 4 standard, and their maximum speeds are typically rather low. The mid-range versions with Wi-Fi 5 and pretty high combined speeds are the best for most users.

If you need to reach rooms that are far away, overcome numerous obstacles or sources of interference, or just have a wired connection in remote locations, a PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater is unquestionably your best option.

These gadgets hook into a wall outlet and transfer our Internet connection across the electrical network. As a result, we will be able to move our connection from the first to the second floor with ease and enjoy the benefits of cable and Wi-Fi.

Post by Bryan C.