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Download failures: how to avoid the main problems

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Download failures: how to avoid the main problems

Problems downloading from the Internet

Keep in mind that this can happen for different reasons. There is not a single error that prevents us from downloading normally from the network. It could be due to a connection failure, the browser, some problem with the configuration, malware in the system ...

There are many causes that could affect when downloading a file from a web page, from the cloud or any platform that we use. It may even persist during the download and we cannot continue, something that could force us to start the process again.

Many users report errors especially when downloading directly from the browser. They encounter alert messages that prevent the process from continuing. Generally it is usually easily solved, since it is due to some bad configuration or some program that is interfering.

Sometimes this type of error can take time and become commonplace. We may even have difficulty downloading from a specific application or service, such as a cloud storage program.

What to do to fix download problems

Let's see what we can do to avoid problems when downloading over the Internet. We are going to show some essential steps to take into account. As we have indicated, the normal thing is that simply by changing something in the configuration or carrying out a small step we can solve it.

Improve connection

A very common cause when we have errors when downloading is that there is some problem with the connection. It often happens that we have poor wireless coverage and for this reason the speed is not enough to allow the download.

Therefore, in this case what we are going to try is to improve the connection. We can connect closer to the access point if we are connected by Wi-Fi or use a device that improves the signal, such as repeaters, Mesh or PLC systems. We can also try to connect by cable or change the band of the Wi-Fi we use.

Keep the browser and system safe

Of course something essential is going to be keeping everything up to date correctly. Especially you have to make sure that the browser has the latest version. Many times these errors when downloading from the Internet appear due to having an outdated version that is creating a conflict.

It is essential to have the browser updated, but so is the operating system itself. It is very important to avoid vulnerabilities and correct bugs. We must also check that we have the updated network card and that there are no connection failures for this reason. We can go to Start, Device Manager, Network adapters and there select the one that interests us, right click and Update the driver.

Check for malware

Do we have any kind of malicious software on the system? It is usually the cause of many problems. This means that we must protect the equipment adequately, have security programs such as antivirus and firewall.

To see if there are any threats we should carry out an in-depth analysis. In this way we will be able to eliminate any malware that may be affecting downloads and the operation of the Internet on our device.

Analyze the configuration

It is very important to check the settings correctly. Maybe we have a wrong parameter on the computer or in the browser. We already know that we can carry out changes to achieve an improvement in speed or certain steps that help us reduce network problems. However, sometimes we achieve the opposite and problems appear when we have changed something in the configuration.

See if any firewall or antivirus is interfering

Security programs, such as an antivirus or a firewall, are essential to maintain security on devices. We always need to have tools of this type, no matter what type of operating system or device we use. However, sometimes they can generate conflicts.

It is possible that some of these security programs detect the download as a threat, although in reality it is not such. Especially the antivirus can interpret that what we are downloading, whatever the type of file it is, as a virus. We can try to pause this type of software momentarily and see if the problem is solved.

Try removing the VPN

Something similar could happen if we have a VPN program installed. This type of software is increasingly used by users, since it allows encrypting the connection when browsing public networks and maintaining privacy. They are also very useful to hide the IP and avoid geo-blocking.

However, we can also say that they are the cause of many network programs that we can find at the software level. It may be interfering when downloading from the Internet and that is why it crashes. We can take a look at our VPN, if we have one installed, and see if this is the source of the problem.

Use a download manager

Users usually use the download manager itself integrated into the browser, where there are usually problems downloading files. However, we have a wide range of possibilities. We can install an extension or an external program from which to download any type of document or file.

Therefore, another added tip is to use a download manager to see if in this way we can reduce the problem of downloads failing. We can test multiple applications that we have at our disposal.

In short, by following these steps we can reduce errors when downloading from the Internet. There are certain elements that we can put into practice and thus ensure that the navigation goes correctly and that there are no interruptions when starting a download.