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Businesses want multiple secure clouds, but they don't protect them

The way we store files has changed a lot in recent years. At the business level, we can find a public cloud in which the files would be on the service provider's equipment. We could also opt for a private cloud to have control of the data and have that server in our work center. In addition, we would have the hybrid cloud that is a combination of public and private. However, many companies are now opting for a multi-cloud strategy instead of just one. In this article, we will see that companies want multiple secure clouds, but they do not put enough resources to protect them.

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Extremely severe cyber attacks on the dark web can be found for as little as $ 500

Cybercrime has been on the rise since the coronavirus pandemic, which is not surprising given that millions of people around the world have made extensive use of digital devices from their homes for entertainment, education, or work.

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How does a virus succeed in not being detected?

When browsing the Internet we can run into many threats that put our computers at risk in one way or another. There are many types of malware that steal passwords, viruses that affect the functioning of systems, Trojans that give access to intruders ... In this article, we are going to talk about how malware could go unnoticed without us realizing and be affecting the computer.

Why does your web need SSL TLS to have HTTPS

When creating a website you have to take into account some important factors. One of them is security since otherwise, we could have problems for the website to be visited or even appear in search engines. In this article, we are going to explain some basic aspects about why you should have an SSL certificate on your page and what benefits it will bring.

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These glitches allow someone to hear what you speak in Zoom

Zoom has become one of the most popular applications for video conferencing online and being in contact with other users. It is a program that, by its very nature, needs to maintain privacy at all times. However, in this article, we talk about a series of vulnerabilities that can put those who use this tool at risk. It is possible that an attacker could intercept video calls.

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Why will you not always have better Internet by Ethernet cable

To surf the Internet there is something fundamental: to have a good speed. We will be able to connect both by Ethernet cable and by Wi-Fi. The first option is usually considered as more stable and faster both downhill and uphill. However, this will not always be the case, as we will see. There are times when browsing wirelessly will allow us to have better performance.

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Microsoft warns of a new technique to sneak Phishing

Phishing attacks are a method widely used by hackers to steal information and passwords. Basically, it is a strategy that consists of launching a bait in order for the victim to put in their data and thus obtain the keys. In this article, we talk about a warning from Microsoft, where they report the increase in the technique through what is known as HTTP Request Smuggling.

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Have you bought PLC to improve Wi-Fi? Follow these tips

In order to improve the performance of wireless networks, we can take into account certain tips. For example, we can find a better location for the router, we can choose the appropriate band or avoid obstacles. But sometimes that is not enough and we have to use other devices to help us. In this article, we are going to talk about PLCs, how they improve the Wi-Fi connection and what to do to use them correctly.

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Allegedly companies do not know how to use a VPN correctly

Using a VPN is very interesting in certain circumstances to improve security and privacy. For example, to connect to a public Wi-Fi network and prevent anyone from seeing what we send or receive. However, you have to avoid making certain mistakes. In this article, we talk about a report that alerts about how companies do not know how to properly manage VPNs and that exposes them.

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This threat attacks any home device connected to the Internet

Any device that we have connected to the network can suffer a cyber attack at any given moment. Although we almost always focus on protecting the computer or mobile, the truth is that there is malware that could put equipment such as a television or video player at risk. In this article, we talk about a new threat, the BotenaGo botnet, which is capable of putting millions of IoT devices of all kinds at risk.