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How much Internet does playing online really consume?

When we browse the Internet, when using any application or service, something fundamental is the consumption of resources. For example, it is not the same to watch a video in high definition in Streaming than to simply enter a website to read a news item. In this article, we are going to focus on consumption when playing online. How much Internet are we really going to need?

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Is two-step authentication always secure? So they can break it

Maintaining security when browsing the Internet is very important. There are many factors that influence and one of them is having a good password. Now, this does not always happen. We may find that our access key is weak and has been leaked on the network. To avoid this, one thing we can do is configure two-step authentication. But is 2FA that safe ? Let's see how they can break it.

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What Matters Most When Choosing a VPN

Using VPN programs has become very common among users. We can use them both on mobile devices as well as on computers. We have many options that we can choose from, but not all of them work the same, nor do they have the same characteristics. For this reason, in this article, we are going to make a basic summary of the points to take into account when we install an application of this type.

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YouTube censors videos on ethical hacking that are for educational purposes

The popular YouTube video platform has been censoring content creators who upload videos related to cybersecurity in recent weeks, especially with videos related to how to exploit vulnerabilities and configuration errors on a certain computer. Currently, there are several platforms that provide "vulnerable" machines that are virtual, in order for users to learn how to hack a specific machine with a security breach. Pentesting work is essential to verify the security of a system, in order to protect it and improve security.

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How to fix Error 401 Unauthorized and be able to navigate

Almost all of us at some point will have found ourselves in the situation that a web page does not load for some reason. One of the ways to find out why this failure happens is to observe the error code that the Internet browser shows us. One of those that happens occasionally, and that you may have encountered sometime, is the 401 Unauthorized error. This failure occurs when you are not authorized to open the requested page. In this tutorial we are going to talk about how to fix the 401 Unauthorized error and be able to browse again.

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Using the cloud: don't make these basic mistakes

We have many options to share files with other users. We can use a Pendrive or hard drive, send by email, connect computers in a network ... But we can also simply use a cloud service, host the content there and allow someone else to download it from anywhere. Now, we must bear in mind that we must not make mistakes. We are going to talk about this in this article. We are going to show the main security errors when using the cloud.

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What to do when a website does not load in Chrome or Firefox

At the moment that we begin to surf the Internet, there are many pages that we can visit. Normally we can view and access those sites without problems. However, on some occasions, certain types of failures will occur that will prevent the correct viewing of the web pages. This can happen regardless of the browser or device we are using. The symptoms that we are going to find can be very varied, although the most common are that that website loads very slowly or even that it does not get to do so. In this case, we are going to focus on the causes that can make a website not load and what possible solutions we have for the two most used browsers currently. In this tutorial, we are going to learn what to do when a website does not load in Google Chrome or Firefox.

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This Christmas the attacks on the network will be more present

It is a fact in times such as Christmas the cyber-attacks increase. Hackers find more alternatives and opportunities to carry out data theft, attacks against devices, networks ... Now, everything indicates that this year all this is going to increase. There will be more attacks targeting online businesses. At least this is indicated by a report that we echo and explain in this article.

Why Young People Are Worse With Cybersecurity

Maintaining security on the network is essential at all levels and this also applies when working. However, in many cases, it is the workers themselves who make mistakes that can expose the organization's data or even their own. In this article, we echo a report that shows how not all ages act the same when faced with cybersecurity. In fact, the youngest are the ones who make the most mistakes.

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Meet the first WiFi Mesh system with 5G coverage

To improve Internet coverage we can use different types of devices. For example, we talk about repeaters, PLC devices, or also Mesh systems. We are going to talk about this last case in this article, and it is that Netgear has just launched the first with 5G coverage. It is specifically the Orbi NBK752 5G model. We are going to explain what it is and why it can be interesting.