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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7980X and 7970X Review: Unleashing Extreme Power

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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7980X and 7970X Review: Unleashing Extreme Power

Introduction to Threadripper 7000 Series

The Threadripper 7000 series introduces a level of complexity not seen in previous releases, as it is divided into two distinct platforms: HEDT (High-End Desktop) and Pro. While both platforms are powered by Threadripper processors, they cater to different use cases and budgets.

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HEDT Models

Today, our focus is on the HEDT models, the Ryzen Threadripper 7980X and 7970X, designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts and professionals requiring substantial computational power. These processors are part of the HEDT platform, and their specifications and performance will be thoroughly examined in this review.

Pro Models

On the other hand, the Pro series within the Threadripper 7000 lineup offers even more cores, PCIe lanes, and memory channels, making them ideal for tasks that demand extreme multitasking and data handling capabilities. However, the Pro models come at a higher cost, targeting specific professional workloads.

Socket and Chipsets

The Threadripper 7000 series introduces a new 4844-pin sTR5 socket, replacing the previous 4094-pin sWRX8 platform used by the TR 5000 series. Additionally, two distinct sTR5 chipsets are available: WRX90 and TRX50. The WRX90 chipset is exclusively compatible with Pro CPUs, offering 144 usable PCIe lanes and octa-channel memory support. In contrast, the TRX50 chipset supports both Pro and HEDT processors, providing 88 usable PCIe lanes and quad-channel memory when used with Pro CPUs.

Ryzen Threadripper 7980X and 7970X: Overview and Specifications

Let's begin by exploring the specifications of the Ryzen Threadripper 7980X and 7970X processors, which serve as the focal point of this review:

Ryzen Threadripper 7980X

  • Cores/Threads: 64/128
  • Base Clock: 2.5 GHz
  • Boost Clock: 4.5 GHz
  • L3 Cache: 256MB
  • TDP: 280W
  • Price: $5,000

Ryzen Threadripper 7970X

  • Cores/Threads: 32/64
  • Base Clock: 3.6 GHz
  • Boost Clock: 4.6 GHz
  • L3 Cache: 128MB
  • TDP: 280W
  • Price: $2,500

These processors represent the pinnacle of AMD's HEDT offerings, delivering extraordinary core counts and clock speeds that can handle the most demanding workloads and content creation tasks. With a TDP of 280W, efficient cooling solutions are essential to harness their full potential.

Performance Testing and Benchmarking

In this section, we embark on an exploration of the Ryzen Threadripper 7980X and 7970X's performance, utilizing a range of benchmarks and real-world scenarios to assess their capabilities.

Synthetic Benchmarks

We kick off the performance evaluation with a series of synthetic benchmarks, including:

1. Cinebench R23

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7980X: The 7980X showcases exceptional multi-core performance, achieving one of the highest scores in Cinebench R23.

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7970X: The 7970X also delivers outstanding multi-core performance, although with fewer cores, resulting in a lower score compared to its counterpart.

2. Geekbench 5

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7980X: In Geekbench 5, the 7980X demonstrates remarkable single-core and multi-core performance, reflecting its immense processing power.

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7970X: The 7970X follows suit with impressive single-core and multi-core scores, albeit at a slightly lower level due to its reduced core count.

3. 3DMark Time Spy

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7980X: The 7980X exhibits exceptional performance in 3DMark Time Spy, showcasing its prowess in gaming and graphics-related tasks.

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7970X: The 7970X delivers competitive performance in 3DMark Time Spy, making it a formidable choice for gaming enthusiasts and content creators.

Real-World Workloads

Moving beyond synthetic benchmarks, we transition to real-world workloads and scenarios, including:

1. Video Editing

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7980X: The 7980X excels in video editing tasks, rendering and exporting 4K and 8K video footage with remarkable efficiency.

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7970X: The 7970X also performs admirably in video editing, providing excellent results for content creators working with high-resolution video content.

2. 3D Rendering

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7980X: In 3D rendering applications, the 7980X shines, significantly reducing render times for complex scenes and animations.

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7970X: The 7970X demonstrates commendable performance in 3D rendering, making it a viable choice for professionals in the field.

3. Gaming Performance

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7980X: While not primarily intended for gaming, the 7980X delivers excellent gaming performance, ensuring smooth gameplay at high resolutions and settings.

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7970X: The 7970X also offers impressive gaming performance, catering to gamers who demand both computational power and gaming prowess.

Thermal Performance and Cooling Solutions

Given the high TDP of both processors, adequate thermal management is essential. We evaluate their thermal performance and discuss recommended cooling solutions to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

1. Thermal Testing

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7980X: The 7980X exhibits a substantial thermal footprint under load, emphasizing the need for robust cooling solutions to prevent overheating.

  • Ryzen Threadripper 7970X: The 7970X shares a similar thermal profile, necessitating efficient cooling solutions to ensure stable operation during demanding tasks.

2. Cooling Solutions

  • Liquid Cooling: Liquid cooling solutions, such as all-in-one (AIO) coolers with large radiators and powerful pumps, are recommended for both processors to manage their heat output effectively.

  • Air Cooling: High-performance air coolers with large heatsinks and multiple heat pipes can also provide sufficient cooling for these processors, particularly in well-ventilated cases.