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Why it's important for your VPN to have WireGuard

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Why it's important for your VPN to have WireGuard

WireGuard, an interesting protocol for VPN

The main mission of a VPN is to encrypt the connection and hide certain data. For example, it is very useful for surfing the Internet through a public Wi-Fi network in a shopping mall. The data will travel encrypted and will not be exposed so that a third party can access it.

But for this to be possible, different protocols come into play. There are some that are safer than others, faster, etc. One of them is WireGuard, a relatively recent protocol that is part of some of the VPNs on the market. It uses state-of-the-art cryptography and makes those connections encrypt perfectly.

WireGuard's goal is for users to be able to browse with greater privacy by using a VPN. It will offer greater privacy than other protocols and will also have faster connection speed and lower power consumption.

Internet speed is another very important factor when using a VPN. Normally, we notice a decrease that can become very pronounced. This happens especially in free services, but they will also depend on factors such as the protocols they use.

Here WireGuard plays a very important role, since it helps to improve that speed and that it does not suffer when we navigate through a program of this type. Therefore, it is another reason why it is important that the VPN we choose has WireGuard protocol.

There are more and more VPNs with WireGuard

It is a protocol that is not present in all VPNs, but it is true that more and more programs are using it. In recent times, it has gained popularity for the advantages we have mentioned and makes many users choose programs that have it.

Among the most popular VPNs that use WireGuard, we can name a few like NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, or Surfshark. They are some of those that have more users and also allow connectivity to be faster, more stable, and with more possibilities in terms of available servers.

To all this, we must add security.  A VPN that is not reliable is of little use, in the sense that does not protect our data correctly. Thanks to WireGuard, these programs have a good speed and prevent personal data from being leaked.

In short, whenever we choose a VPN for the computer or mobile, we must take into account different factors. One of them is going to be the protocols they use. We have seen in this article why it is interesting to have WireGuard and what are its positive points.