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The use of double authentication is triggered and you should use it as soon as possible

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The use of double authentication is triggered and you should use it as soon as possible

Increase the use of 2FA to protect accounts

According to a report by Duo Securit and Cisco, companies are increasingly moving away from the use of passwords and adopting other methods such as multi-factor authentication to keep their workers' accounts secure.

The fact that the use of 2FA has skyrocketed is also related to the increase in remote work or workers who combine physical presence in the office with work from home. They need to maximize security and prevent a password leak from exposing sensitive company data. Ultimately, the worker can become the entry point for an attacker.

Specifically, according to this report, the use of two-factor authentication in companies has increased by 39% in the last year. In addition, they also indicate that the use of biometric authentications has increased by 48%.

This shows us how organizations are moving towards a strategy in which traditional access codes are taking a back seat. Biometric authentications are more important and, as we can see, two-step authentication is really essential.

In fact, according to this survey, more than half of organizations plan to eliminate passwords and focus on methods like the ones we have mentioned in order to protect the safety of their workers.

Why should you  use multi-factor authentication

So why should we use two-step authentication at the user level? Like any organization, at the domestic level, we must also protect our accounts. The password is an important security barrier that will protect us, but it is not something infallible.

An attacker can use different strategies to steal our passwords. For example, a keylogger, which is malware that sneaks into the computer or mobile device and collects all the access codes that we put. Also make a mistake, such as entering a Phishing page, which is a fake website where by entering the password we are sending it directly to the cybercriminal. There could even be a leak of those passwords due to an error in the service we use and be exposed on the Internet.

Therefore, having a second protection step is essential. If an attacker knew what the password is to enter Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or any platform, he would need something else to gain access. There are different methods, such as receiving a code by SMS or through applications.