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Synology DS224+ SOHO NAS

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Synology DS224+ SOHO NAS

Key Features

1. Quad-Core Processor and Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports

At the heart of the DS224+ is a quad-core processor, ensuring smooth and responsive operations. The inclusion of dual Gigabit Ethernet ports not only facilitates link aggregation for enhanced data transfer speeds but also adds a layer of network redundancy, crucial for uninterrupted access to data in SOHO environments.

2. Expandable Storage with SSD Cache Support

The DS224+ offers flexibility in storage configuration, supporting up to 24TB of raw capacity. Additionally, SSD cache support enhances data access speeds, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals dealing with data-intensive tasks such as multimedia editing or virtualization.

3. Btrfs File System and Snapshot Replication

Synology's utilization of the Btrfs file system sets the DS224+ apart by providing advanced data integrity features such as file self-healing and snapshots. Snapshot replication ensures that critical data is protected against accidental deletions or modifications, offering an extra layer of security for important files.

4. Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) Software

The DSM software is the backbone of Synology NAS devices, and the DS224+ is no exception. With a user-friendly interface and a myriad of applications, DSM empowers users to effortlessly manage their NAS, set up backups, and even host websites. The Package Center offers a marketplace for additional applications, expanding the functionality of the NAS.


The DS224+ excels in performance, thanks to its quad-core processor and advanced hardware capabilities. Users can experience swift file transfers, seamless multimedia streaming, and responsive access to applications. The inclusion of SSD cache support further enhances performance, especially in scenarios where quick data retrieval is essential.

The dual Gigabit Ethernet ports not only contribute to faster data transfer rates but also provide network redundancy, ensuring that connectivity remains stable even in the face of hardware failures or network issues. This reliability is crucial for businesses where continuous access to data is a priority.

User-Friendly Interface

Synology has long been praised for its intuitive and user-friendly DSM software, and the DS224+ continues this tradition. Setting up the NAS is a breeze, and the DSM interface offers a dashboard that provides at-a-glance information on system health, storage utilization, and connected devices. The Package Center simplifies the installation of additional applications, allowing users to customize the NAS to suit their specific needs.

Data Protection and Security

The DS224+ places a strong emphasis on data protection and security. The Btrfs file system, with its self-healing capabilities, ensures the integrity of stored data. Snapshot replication provides a point-in-time recovery option, guarding against data loss due to accidental deletions or malicious activities. Additionally, Synology regularly releases security updates, addressing potential vulnerabilities and keeping the NAS shielded against evolving threats.

Expandability and Future-Proofing

Synology understands the evolving nature of storage needs, and the DS224+ is designed with scalability in mind. The ability to expand storage capacity, coupled with SSD cache support, ensures that the NAS can grow with the demands of the user. Furthermore, Synology's commitment to software updates and compatibility ensures that the DS224+ remains relevant and functional in the face of emerging technologies.

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In conclusion, the Synology DS224+ stands out as a compelling choice for Small Office and Home Office NAS solutions. Its combination of powerful hardware, intuitive software, and robust data protection features make it a versatile and reliable option for both professional and personal use. Whether it's for collaborative work environments, multimedia storage, or data backup, the DS224+ excels in providing a seamless and secure storage experience, solidifying its place as a standout SOHO NAS solution.