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Silicon Power MS70 SSD-in-a-Stick: A Compact Powerhouse of Storage

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Silicon Power MS70 SSD-in-a-Stick: A Compact Powerhouse of Storage

Market Positioning: Silicon Power's Strategic Shift

Silicon Power has historically focused on integrating its products into established market segments without much emphasis on standout specifications. However, the release of the MS70 and DS72 marks a notable shift. These devices, particularly with their 2TB options, represent one of the first affordable thumb drives of this capacity in the retail sector, a significant milestone for the company.

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The Evolving High-Performance UFD Segment

The high-performance UFD market has been expanding steadily, especially since Kingston's DataTraveler Max debuted in late 2021. Other notable entrants like Transcend's ESD300 and ESD310, alongside Silicon Power's own MS70 and DS72, are vying for distinction by offering 2TB variants. This review delves deep into the Silicon Power MS70, particularly its 2TB model, evaluating its performance and overall value.

Introduction and First Impressions

Over recent years, USB flash drives have evolved remarkably in terms of storage capacity and speed. The advent of 3D NAND technology and rapid advancements in USB specifications have led to the emergence of SSD-in-a-stick products that boast speeds exceeding 1GBps.

The thumb drive form factor is particularly appealing due to its convenience - no need for separate cables and their typically light and compact nature. High-performance thumb drives based on SSD technology emerged in the mid-2010s. However, initial models faced challenges with thermal management and size, making them somewhat impractical. The sector became more viable with the introduction of high-performance native UFD controllers from companies like Phison and Silicon Motion. Previous reviews of products like the Transcend ESD310C and the OWC Envoy Pro Mini have highlighted the potential of these controllers in the thumb drive category.

Unique Selling Points of Silicon Power MS70

The Silicon Power MS70 distinguishes itself in the high-performance thumb drive market through its large capacity options and its compact, efficient design. Despite its small form factor, the MS70 takes full advantage of its USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A connector, boasting speeds up to 1050 MBps. The 2TB version, provided for review, will undergo thorough testing in our direct-attached storage suite to evaluate its capabilities in real-world scenarios.