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Microsoft Edge gets new efficiency mode and improved search on page

Image Credits: Daniel Aleksandersen

Microsoft Edge gets new efficiency mode and improved search on page

Microsoft's Edge internet browser is slowly and surely getting better in parallel with the growth of market share, and the latest novelty is a better opportunity to find certain content on the site.

Such a thing is extremely important for Edge because it separates it from the competition like Chrome or Firefox and in some way actually the development of this browser goes toward setting up features that are absent on these two browsers.

We should emphasize that "Find on page" is just one segment of novelties found on Edge, and the more "sound" and wider package is the one that concerns improving the efficiency of the browser, previously known as "Performance Mode". This is also the competition, but Microsoft claims that the user can now optimize the browser according to their needs.

This means that it is possible to reduce energy consumption, CPU load and memory. The ultimate goal is to increase battery life, but also to perform a situation in which Edge will not be "at the forefront" thanks to the resources it uses within the system. In addition, sleep is automated by activating it after five minutes of not using the browser.

But for now there are problems, so it is better not to use this option. It slows down video content on Netflix, YouTube and similar platforms, as well as animations. Over time, they should remedy the problems, otherwise it does not represent a plus...

As far as searches on the site itself are concerned, the improvement is not only in the form of a basic search, but it is also possible to add "related results". Include related matches) so the automatic search is expanded. We should also emphasize that this functionality still does not work completely as it should, which means that it also needs to be further updated.

Therefore, somehow it seems that it was more important for Microsoft to throw all this out to talk about it, and less important was the fact that it still does not work as described as it should work.