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Microsoft, Cloudflare and Google have the most trouble with spam

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Microsoft, Cloudflare and Google have the most trouble with spam

It is these three servers that make up the top three places on the list of the ten with the most spam-related issues. As the Atlas VPN shows in its data, based on those collected by the Spamhaus Project, as of November 4, has recorded 433 known spam problems.

Immediately in second place are 430 Cloudflare, and then a little lower the third Google records 352. So, the fact that they are the largest, most powerful, and most advanced has nothing to do with it, spam breaks through obviously where it should, and especially for servers with the most users.

That is why it should come as no surprise that Chinanet GD with 331 spam problems and Chinanet JS with 304 of them are in fourth and fifth place. If they "operated" farther from the wider Chinese environment, the situation would probably be significantly different - in a worse sense.

The end of the list consists of Uninet (288), Wind (245), Chinanet ZJ (232), Chinanet HB (222), and STC (191).

When it comes to the countries with the most spam, as of November 4, the United States is convincingly the first with 3054 problems, China is second with 2531 and followed by Russia with 711. Interestingly, in fourth place is the Dominican Republic with 384 known problems, followed by Japan (382), India (355), South Korea (353), Mexico (341), Vietnam (308), and Turkey (299).

The fact is, spam (for now) cannot be eradicated and the fact that it is recorded is less of a problem than the one that is not recorded. Namely, when spam is known, then every server can easily deal with it and "store" it in special spam folders so as not to capture attention in e-mail inboxes and thus possibly put users at risk.