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IronWolf Pro 22 TB

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IronWolf Pro 22 TB

Unprecedented Capacity for Unrestrained Possibilities

At the core of the IronWolf Pro 22TB lies its remarkable capacity. With a staggering 22 terabytes of storage space, this drive transcends mere storage and ventures into the realm of data warehousing. Whether you're a content creator with vast libraries of media files, a business with mountains of critical data, or an enthusiast looking to preserve memories, the IronWolf Pro 22TB offers a capacious canvas to accommodate your ever-growing digital footprint.

IronWolf Pro: A Legacy of Reliability

Seagate's IronWolf Pro series is synonymous with reliability, and the 22TB model is no exception. Engineered with enterprise-grade technology, this drive is purpose-built for 24/7 operation, making it an ideal companion for network-attached storage (NAS) systems. With an annualized workload rating of up to 300TB, the IronWolf Pro 22TB stands resilient in the face of intensive data access, ensuring that your data remains accessible and secure even under constant demand.

Agile Performance, Regardless of Load

The IronWolf Pro 22TB isn't just about capacity—it's about performance. Equipped with Seagate's AgileArray™ technology, this drive optimizes performance, power management, and reliability for NAS environments. Whether you're streaming media, running applications, or accessing files, the IronWolf Pro 22TB maintains consistent performance, ensuring smooth data access without compromise.

Data Protection: More Than Just Storage

Data protection is a cornerstone of the IronWolf Pro 22TB's design. Featuring IronWolf Health Management (IHM), this drive offers real-time monitoring and prevention of potential issues. IHM works in conjunction with compatible NAS systems to provide insights into the drive's health, enabling you to take proactive measures before data loss becomes a concern. With IHM, your data's safety is assured, and you can focus on what matters most: utilizing your data to its fullest potential.

Seamless Scalability with Multi-Bay NAS

The IronWolf Pro 22TB is primed for multi-bay NAS environments. Its compatibility with systems featuring up to 24 bays means that you can effortlessly scale your storage needs without compromising on performance or reliability. Whether you're a small business that's expanding its data infrastructure or a home user looking to future-proof your NAS setup, the IronWolf Pro 22TB grows with you, ensuring that your storage solution remains in sync with your ambitions.

RAID Optimization for Enhanced Resilience

For those seeking an additional layer of data protection, the IronWolf Pro 22TB is optimized for RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configurations. With RAID support, you can configure multiple drives to work together, offering enhanced data redundancy and performance. This is particularly valuable in scenarios where downtime is not an option, as RAID configurations provide automatic data recovery and continuity in case of drive failure.

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The IronWolf Pro 22TB redefines storage by seamlessly combining massive capacity with enterprise-grade reliability. Whether you're a creative professional, a business operator, or an enthusiast with insatiable data demands, this drive offers an expansive playground for your data. With the assurance of Seagate's legacy of reliability, advanced data protection features, and the ability to seamlessly integrate into NAS systems, the IronWolf Pro 22TB stands as a beacon of high-capacity storage excellence.

In an era where data is the backbone of innovation and progress, the IronWolf Pro 22TB emerges as a solution that caters to the needs of today and anticipates the demands of tomorrow. Its capacity, performance, and resilience empower you to unleash your creativity, expand your business, and safeguard your memories. With the IronWolf Pro 22TB, you're not just storing data—you're preserving possibilities.