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Google Bard vs Chat GPT

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Google Bard vs Chat GPT

Comparition Of Bard And Chat GPT

Similar, to Chat GPT, Bard AI also acts as an AI chatbot but is built upon Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Application) model. What sets these two models apart is that Bard will have the capability to access information from the internet.Whereas, Chat GPT is very much limited to the data it was trained on. You may have already noticed that Chat GPT only has knowledge of events that occurred before 2021. According to Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, this standout feature will “provide fresh, high-quality responses”. And because of this, many expect Bard to be much more reliable than Chat GPT.

Also, Google’s LaMDA model will apparently require less server capacity than OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 architecture. Therefore, Bard AI could potentially accommodate more users compared to Chat GPT.

  Bard AI Chat GPT
Creators Google OpenAI
Release Date February 2023 November 2022
Main Features AI-powered conversational chatbot
Built on Google’s LaMDA
Draws information from the internet
Open-source conversational AI chatbot
Built on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5
Draws information from data it’s trained on
Accessibility Limited availability (currently only open to testers) Free to the public
$20 monthly subscription (Chat GPT Plus)
Uses Assist in basic search functions
Explain complex concepts
Provide ideas
Generate reports and summaries
Create marketing material
Perform language translation
Provide ideas
Write code and essays
Explain complex concepts

Sundar Pichai has not made any indication yet about whether Bard AI will have the ability to generate lengthy text like Chat GPT. So, this is a feature we will have to look out for when the model is released.Both models can pretty much do the same tasks, such as suggesting party ideas, explaining complex concepts, and language translations, Aside from the fundamental architecture, there is not much distinction between these two models. Currently, Google’s Bard AI is not available to the public but this should change at some point this year.

Is Google’s Bard available?

Unfortunately, not. However, Google has hinted that the model should be available to the public in the next coming weeks. At the moment, Bard AI is only open to a select number of outside testers. The tech giant has plans to gather feedback on their tool before making it available to a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

Both Chat GPT and Bard AI are extremely powerful AI models. It will definitely be interesting to see how Google’s new tool performs compared to OpenAI. However, it is one of those cases where we will have to wait for the model to be released to find out.