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Extremely severe cyber attacks on the dark web can be found for as little as $ 500

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Extremely severe cyber attacks on the dark web can be found for as little as $ 500

Cybercrime has been on the rise since the coronavirus pandemic, which is not surprising given that millions of people around the world have made extensive use of digital devices from their homes for entertainment, education, or work. Also, the situation is like that because the tools needed for criminal activities on the Internet have never been cheaper.

According to data presented by Atlas VPN, the most dangerous tools needed for ransomware and sophisticated targeted attacks cost between $ 66 and $ 500 on the dark web. So, the hardest part is getting to that dark corner of the internet because it is done with special tools or with special invitations. Later, everything is easy - if the person has the money to pay for what is offered.

Consequently, someone who does not have too much hacking knowledge, for a few hundred dollars can turn into a hacker and get material and financial benefits thanks to those unfortunates who become victims, for one reason or another.

For example, the most expensive method offered is spearphishing. It is a more advanced type of phishing because it attacks a specific individual or organization and has a higher degree of success than classic phishing. That's why it costs about $ 500, and often over a thousand.

A special feature is that each successfully downloaded user account is charged, which means that money is not wasted in spearphishing. This is also frightening because a person who resents someone guilty can easily become a victim.

It ranks second with an average of $ 311.88 for the “service” Denial-of-Service (DoS) type of attack. Also, for $ 250 it is possible to hire a hacker to carry out the attack instead of the client, which is also a very successful way to reach the target.

Ransomware tools, on the other hand, cost an average of $ 66, but you need to pay in advance. So, there is no guarantee of success. Stolen usernames and passwords are worth the least, just 97 cents on average. But you get a thousand bucks in a package for that price so sometimes it all makes some sense. And for just 51 cents, it is possible to get data from compromised PCs and other devices.

Fortunately, the dark web is not available to anyone with dark intentions. The road to it itself discourages many, so we do not witness more frequent and constant attacks, carried out by those who would never be able to carry them out on their own ...