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Do you want to improve your privacy when using Google Maps?

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Do you want to improve your privacy when using Google Maps?

Google Maps records data

Like many applications that we use every day, Google Maps also records data. It creates a history of the locations, it stores where we have been, how we have moved, etc. This can be useful if we want to see something past or just have a list of the places we have visited. But of course, that could also be a privacy issue.

Sometimes we just want to use this type of program to travel to a place and not generate any type of location history. It is possible to achieve it, as we are going to see. It is one more way to preserve our data and that at any given moment it does not end up in the wrong hands.

Keep in mind that Google may track us to improve its system. It will collect information that you share with other services of the search giant. Although this activity log serves to improve the service, we do not know if there may be a leak at any time.

Steps to prevent Maps from logging data

So what can we do to prevent Google Maps from recording information about the locations or where we move? There are some methods we can use to prevent it from storing this type of data and using it.

Turn off location history

A very interesting option that we have is to deactivate the location history. By default, it will register all the locations where we are. This is what you can share with other Google services and it is what we can avoid.

To do this we have to go to the Google Maps menu, enter Settings, select Google location options, and go to the section to deactivate that location history. Later, in case we are interested, we can reactivate it without problems.

Clear stored data

We may have information from a past trip and want to delete it. This is also possible from the Google Maps application. It is another option to improve privacy when using this type of Google service. It is very simple and we can do it for the period we want.

You have to go to the menu, enter Maps Data, and there delete a specific day or the date that we are interested in deleting. In this way, that information stored in Google Maps will no longer appear.

Use incognito mode

When we surf the Internet we have the option of opening the browser in incognito mode. This is common in most, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If we open Google Maps in this way, we will prevent it from storing information related to our account. This improves privacy in Chrome and any browser.

For this reason, incognito mode is also an available method to improve privacy if we use the popular Google service to make a trip and know the route to take.

In short, these are some simple and basic options that we can take into account to improve privacy on Maps and prevent data from being recorded. It is a very popular tool and sometimes it is interesting that the information does not stay there.