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Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T 10GBase-T OCP Network Mezzanine Card

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Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T 10GBase-T OCP Network Mezzanine Card

Unparalleled Network Speeds

The Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T is built to deliver unparalleled network speeds, leveraging the power of 10GBase-T technology. With 10 Gigabit Ethernet capability, this network card provides blazing-fast data transfer rates, enabling organizations to handle massive amounts of data with ease. Whether you're transferring large files, streaming high-definition media, or running bandwidth-intensive applications, the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T ensures that your network operates at peak performance.

High Reliability and Low Latency

Designed with enterprise-level reliability in mind, the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T offers low latency and minimal packet loss, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted network connectivity. This network card employs advanced technologies to reduce latency, such as flow control and congestion control mechanisms, which optimize data transmission and prevent network congestion. With the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T, you can trust that your critical business operations will run seamlessly, even during peak network traffic.

Versatile Connectivity Options

The Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T provides versatile connectivity options to meet various networking requirements. Equipped with two 10GBase-T ports, this network card allows for simultaneous high-speed connections to multiple devices. The 10GBase-T interface is backward compatible with lower-speed Ethernet standards, ensuring compatibility with existing network infrastructure. Whether you're upgrading your network or building a new one, the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T offers flexible connectivity options to suit your specific needs.

Efficient Power Consumption

Efficiency is a key consideration in modern networking solutions, and the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T excels in this aspect. This network card is designed to optimize power consumption, ensuring energy efficiency without compromising performance. By intelligently managing power usage, the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint and lower operating costs, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for network deployments.

Advanced Network Management

The Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T comes bundled with advanced network management features that enable seamless control and monitoring of network operations. With support for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and remote management capabilities, IT administrators can efficiently monitor and configure the network card settings from a centralized location. This streamlines network management tasks, enhances troubleshooting capabilities, and improves overall network reliability.

Enhanced Network Security

Network security is a top priority for organizations, and the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T addresses this concern with robust security features. This network card supports advanced security protocols such as IEEE 802.1x authentication and IPsec offload, ensuring secure and encrypted data transmission. With these security measures in place, organizations can protect sensitive data, prevent unauthorized access, and maintain the integrity of their network infrastructure.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

The Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T is designed for easy integration into existing server systems. It supports the Open Compute Project (OCP) standard, ensuring compatibility with OCP-compliant servers. This allows for seamless integration and straightforward installation, minimizing downtime and simplifying the deployment process. Whether you're upgrading your server infrastructure or building a new one, the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T provides a hassle-free solution.

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The Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T 10GBase-T OCP Network Mezzanine Card is a powerful and reliable networking solution that unlocks high-speed data transfer, low latency, and versatile connectivity options. With its advanced features, efficient power consumption, and robust security measures, this network card is an ideal choice for organizations that require fast and secure network connectivity. By incorporating the Asus MCI-10G/X550-2T into your server infrastructure, you can elevate your network performance and meet the demands of today's data-driven business environments.