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AMD to Update Ryzen Zen 4c Specifications: Enhancing Transparency

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AMD to Update Ryzen Zen 4c Specifications: Enhancing Transparency

AMD's Response to Transparency Concerns

Following queries about the lack of clear communication regarding Zen 4c technology, AMD has confirmed to Tom's Hardware that it will start revealing these specifications more openly. This move aligns AMD with standard industry practices and addresses concerns about potential deceptive marketing.

Zen 4c Cores: Features and Specifications

Zen 4c cores are designed to occupy less space on a processor die compared to standard performance cores (Zen 4), offering sufficient performance for less demanding tasks while conserving power. Unlike Intel's E-cores, AMD's Zen 4c cores share the same microarchitecture and feature set as the standard cores but operate at lower clock rates.

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Current State of Zen 4c Core Disclosure

Currently, AMD has five consumer chips with Zen 4c cores in the market. However, the presence of these cores and their specifications are not prominently displayed on AMD's main product pages. For example, a listing like "2 x Zen4, 4 x Zen4c" is buried in a secondary 'Full Specifications' page, which can be confusing for mainstream consumers.

Concerns Over Retail Listings and Marketing Materials

The lack of clear Zen 4c core count disclosure on standard spec pages raises concerns about misleading product listings at retailers. Additionally, AMD's marketing materials for products like the Ryzen 5 8540U and Ryzen 3 8440U, which include Zen 4c cores, do not mention this detail, leading to potential confusion among consumers.

AMD's Plan for Improved Disclosure

AMD plans to incorporate the number of Zen 4c cores into its main product specification listings and disclose Zen 4c clock rates. This change will bring AMD's communication in line with industry standards, like Intel's clear listing of E-core specifications. The preparation of AMD's website to accommodate these new listings is currently in progress, with updates expected in the coming weeks.

The Need for Transparent Communication

Although AMD's Zen 4c strategy differs from Intel's E-core approach and offers several advantages, including the same IPC and instruction set support for both core types, customers deserve clear and detailed information about the products they are purchasing. AMD's upcoming updates to its specification listings are a step towards ensuring greater transparency and customer awareness.


AMD's decision to disclose Zen 4c core counts and clock speeds represents a significant shift towards greater transparency in its product communications. This move will not only align AMD with standard industry practices but also enhance customer trust and satisfaction by providing clear and detailed information about its products. The tech community eagerly awaits these updates, reinforcing the importance of transparent communication in the consumer electronics industry.